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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Where Do I Start? Metro Vancouver’s Organics Disposal Ban Resource

Is your business ready? Starting in 2015, businesses and residents will need to separate food scraps from regular garbage. If you haven’t already implemented a plan to separate your organic waste from your waste stream here are some resources and tips to get you started.

To find out what this means for your business, who is impacted, will this cost money and other questions, the FAQ’s will help you answer many of these questions.

For a high level look at why Metro Vancouver is enacting the ban and how it impacts your business, see  ODB Presentation Burnaby BoT 2014 November 21 – no video

Here are some tips to get your business started:

1. Determine internally how to source separate your waste and ensure staff training is in place. Here is some colour coded signage to get you started.

2.Talk to your waste hauler. Some haulers handle organic waste and others don’t. As more  businesses start separating waste, more services are becoming available. The Recycling Council of BC Hotline at 604-REC-YCLE (604-732-9253) maintains a current list of service providers.

3. Restaurants and grocers will be affected by this ban. Here are some resources for your industries specifically. Here are some additional tips specifically for restaurants and here are additional tips for grocers.

Industry examples:  Terra Breads Bakery gets ahead of the waste ban. Watch video here. What other grocers are doing.

Businesses can create opportunities and reduce the impact of regulations like this by proactively addressing environmental and sustainability issues in their business. To learn more about the business case for “going green” and what you can do to get started, visit www.bbotpledge.ca and join our growing community of sustainable businesses.


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