Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

The BBOT’s Dancing Guy & the First Follower

Perhaps some of you have seen this video – the first brave dancing guy who goes out and dances like a wild man who is then followed by the first lone follower and the two of them are  followed by a multitude of crazy dancers because the first two have paved the way for the others! Well at the BBOT we have our own First Crazy Dancer and are currently looking for the BBOT’s Lone Follower.

We decided we wanted to reduce styrofoam waste and to do this we would bring our own containers from home to take to Crystal Mall. But as it turned out most of us were a bit shy. Except for Eugene Chang who said “l’ll do it. I have no problem with this. I have a container with me today. Let’s go. ” So off we went to Crystal Mall and to document this historic moment I went along for the ride and took pictures of our intrepid Account Executive. Here for your viewing pleasure is the BBOT’s very own social change agent Eugene Chang:

Eugene – Ready to Make the Trek to Crystal Mall with his container.
On his way Eugene

Awesome Malaysian Restaurant
Awesome Malaysian  Restaurant

Nice container full of delicious Bami Goreng.
Full Container

Eugene on the way back to the office carrying his lunch in a recyclable bag!
Full Container

Eugene back at the office enjoying  his lunch! Happy Eugene, happy planet:) Now who is our next lone intrepid follower?
Full Container

About styrofoam containers:
Where to recycle styrofoam containers
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