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SFU Launches Phase One of Re-Use For Good


Simon Fraser University is leading the change in slowly reducing and eliminating single use plastics across all of its campuses with the launch of Re-use for Good. Currently only about 11% of plastics are recycled in Canada and public concern is growing about the impact of single-use products, especially plastics. Many Canadian municipalities and other levels of government are making efforts to ban these items.

Re-use for Good is an extension of SFU’s zero-waste initiative to reduce and eliminate unnecessary SUPPs products across all campuses. .

Phase One (Fall 2019 Semester)

  1. Adding reusable water bottles to campus vending machines
  2. Mapping the location of existing water bottle refill stations and deciding where to strategically locate additional stations on campus.
  3. Dining Services will:
    1. Replace plastic and compostable utensils and stir sticks with metal flatware
    2. Remove plastic straws, unless plastic bendable straws are needed for accessibility
    3. Launch the GoGreen reusable container program in Mackenzie Café
  4. Meeting, Event, and Conference Services (MECS) will:
    1. Replace plastic water bottles with reusable water jugs
    2. Replace plastic juice and pop bottles with aluminum cans
    3. Replace wooden stir sticks with metal spoons
    4. Replace plastic creamers and milkers with reusable serving jugs
  5. Other initiatives across the university include:
    1. Eliminating plastic and paper bags at the SFU Bookstore and Spirit Shops, and introducing $1 reusable canvas bags upon request
    2. Replacing single-use plastic signage with cardboard signage, and eliminating plastic shrink-wrap at Document Solutions



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