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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

SFU Launches GoGreen Container Pilot September 2019

This September SFU is launching its GoGreen Container Pilot.Based out of Mackenzie Café, GoGreen is a reusable container that customers can use and return as an alternative to single-use containers. This pilot is a test to assess the efficiency and feasibility of implementing a SFU wide reusable to-go container program.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Ask for your meal to be in a GoGreen reusable container

Step 2

Pay for your meal.

Step 3

Enjoy your meal wherever you would like.

Step 4

Return the container at Mackenzie Café by giving it to a Dining Services team member or placing it in the GoGreen return receptacle.

About the September 2019 pilot

GoGreen is currently in a pilot phase with a select number of staff and faculty. This is to ensure that the campus-wide launch in 2020 is as effective and efficient as possible. The first phase of the pilot will take place at the Mackenzie Cafeteria in the Academic Quadrangle of the SFU Burnaby campus. Our success will be measured by feedback surveys submitted throughout the pilot, interviews with stakeholders, and how many purchases used a GoGreen container via point of sale (POS) tracking. During and after Phase One, we will reassess the program, and determine the next steps and program evolution based on the learnings from the pilot.


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