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Royal Printers – Going forest-free is easier than you think.

Royal Printers – Going forest-free is easier than you think.

Royal Printers

Going forest-free is easier than you think.

Since 1932, Royal Printers has been committed to providing BC businesses with a single source for their printing requirements. Decades later, the tradition lives on with a new message; Print Without Forests. In 2013, the company took a huge leap and introduced a complete lineup of 100% tree-free paper called Sugar Sheet to support their mandate. To further support their mandate, Royal has also become certified by Bullfrog Power as BC’s first Green Energy Printer and works closely with Eeko Couriers to offer sustainable deliveries with a 100% hybrid fleet.

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to Minto Roy Senior Partner of Social Print to find out more about what drives their sustainability mandate.

What got your organization thinking about sustainability?
Protecting the environment has always been a key part of Royal Printers’ 86 year history. However, over the past decade sustainability has become our primary business driver. Beyond business objectives our team made the commitment to work with clients, supply chain partners and other community stakeholders to share ideas that elevate sustainable practices and through collaboration, minimize deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How did you decide what was most important to tackle first?
We first reviewed and updated our core beliefs and practices related to sustainability, community and business objectives.
We truly believe that to lead change we needed to be “the message not the messenger”. Beyond manufacturing 100% forest free Sugar Sheet Paper, we made a larger commitment to listen, share ideas and support key stakeholders within the business and environmental communities. Volunteering and supporting leading organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation, as well as engaging sustainability leadership in both industry and government to support objectives that drive positive environmental policies and practices.

What do you hope to achieve by making your business more sustainable?
From a business perspective, we are confident that the added value of printing using forest free Sugar Sheet paper instead of wood fibre paper provides our clients with a value that aligns with their core principals and practices to protect the environment. Furthermore, each client receives an annual eco-savings report showcasing their tree savings and green house gas reductions as a result of converting to Sugar Sheet paper for their print requirements. Clients can utilize their eco-savings to support key business functions such as; marketing, P.R. sales, H.R., operations and environmental reporting.

What are your next steps and goals?
Royal Printers will be continue to expand our portfolio of agricultural paper and printing solutions. We are equally committed to bringing greater awareness and education of the advantages of agricultural paper. In collaboration with our clients, we hope to save millions of trees each year and significantly reduce green house gas emissions.

What was your motivation for joining the Pledge for a Sustainable Community and what have been its benefits?
The Pledge for Sustainability Community represents a growing community of like-minded organizations striving to support the environment while also driving business innovation. A business community that readily share ideas and provide support. A community that is paying attention to the needs of our planet and the ever-growing demand for sustainable products from the most important stakeholder in any business. – The customer.

What do Canadians expect of your business when it comes to action on climate change?
Canadians expect and want to support businesses that have a strong commitment to the environment. However, Canadian consumers deserve sustainable businesses that also ensure products and services maintain high quality standards and competitive pricing and are as simple to procure as their non-sustainable alternatives.

Has your focus on sustainability changed your business in any unexpected ways?
Positioning Sustainability as a primary business driver has positively impacted Royal Printers in many positive ways:
A) Sustainability as a principal driver has Improved and galvanized employee pride and loyalty and strengthened relations with customers and key business stakeholders.
B) Sustainability has become a powerful brand differentiator that resonates and adds measurable value to customer groups across industry.
C) Sustainability has been instrumental in creating new and mutually beneficial partnerships with leading environmental organizations, industry associations, government agencies and prominent businesses leaders who are equally committed to elevating sustainable practices and policies.
D) Sustainability has driven new product innovation and creativity from employees, customers and supply chain partners.
E) Royal’s commitment to industry leading sustainable solutions has provided a leadership platform to share ideas, listen and learn from other businesses and environmental partners driving innovation and importantly expand our dialogue and relevancy with our valued customers.

How can leaders de-silo their CSR efforts and embed sustainability throughout the operation?
Corporate Social Responsibility efforts must incorporated into all key business operations. Not simply integrated due to obligation or social responsibility. Measurable CSR actions that can be leveraged to improve and support key business functions that drive business growth and profitability.

CSR strategies incorporated into HR will support retention strategies, new training and development initiatives and minimize recruitment costs. Talented professionals across industry sectors today, openly select to align their careers with organizations that have strong social and environmental mandates.

CSR strategies incorporated into Marketing and Sales creates new brand value by strengthening existing customer relations and attracting new customers that share the value of protecting the environment.

CSR strategies integrated into Finance create new cost savings that can positively impact the bottom line. Measurable environmental savings that reduce environmental taxes, minimize waste and recycling costs and create a positive new line item that is attractive to; customers, investors and other financial stakeholders.

Does your industry have a role to play – collectively — in the fight against climate change? How can organizations in the printing industry work together to influence the greater business landscape/marketplace?
Royal Printers does have a key role to play in driving positive industry change that protects the environment. We believe that developing Sugar Sheet and Wheat Sheet agricultural paper is only a small part of our responsibility to ensure long-term industry change.
Our commitment must also include active participation in educating and learning from all key industry stakeholders. An on-going commitment to share ideas, listen to feedback and educate consumers and industry groups on the advancement of agricultural paper and how to leverage the value of sustainability to support organizational objectives. Furthermore, our commitment to support and work with leading environmental organizations and advocate all levels of government to ensure policies and practices that support the environment.

 What one piece of advice could you give to the next generation of CSR leaders about implementing sustainability initiatives within their organizations?
CSR leaders must be equally fluent in the language of sustainability and bottom line business to become truly relevant and solidify their position in the C-Level Suite along side other
C-Level Managers such as CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, CMO.


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