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Planet Wise Business Guide for Climate Action

The climate crisis is affecting everyone. More and more businesses want to do their part in addressing the crisis – and Canadians are increasingly expecting this from businesses. How can you be part of the solution?

Welcome to Vancity’s Planet-Wise Business Guide for Climate Action. The aim of this guide is to help your business respond to the climate crisis by taking actions that reduce, or avoid generating, greenhouse gas emissions.

Together, we’re on a journey to net-zero –and if you don’t know what that means yet, don’t worry, we’ll explain it.

Take action with Vancity

Why is climate action important for businesses?

Climate action reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GhGs) –the gases and pollutants, like carbon, that are warming our planet and impacting everyone here at home and around the world. Reducing GhGs lessens the effects of climate change on people, the planet, our economy, our homes, and businesses. It can cut costs and enhance business success in other ways. And it’s what many customers expect from those they do business with.

Businesses – large and small – are strengthening their competitiveness and improving their bottom-line by finding ways to reduce their greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions. They are responding to customer expectations, costs associated with energy and carbon taxes, long-term risk exposure, climate-related supply-chain disruptions, and opportunities for leadership and innovation.

Vancity’s own climate action is rooted in our goal to be a financial force for change. We were the first financial institution in North America to become carbon neutral in our operations. Recognizing the climate emergency, we set a goal to be net-zero by 2040. This will mean that the emissions from anything we finance will be eliminated or significantly reduced, and any remaining emissions will be brought to net-zero.

How can my business take action?

There are so many ways for you to shrink your organization’s GhG emissions. Some are relevant to all businesses and industry sectors; some are not. Some require a budget, and some require your company to make changes to your policies and procedures, or to encourage your employees to help make change happen.

Click here to access actions your business can take to become more climate resilient.


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