Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Metro Vancouver Construction and Demolition Recycling Toolkit

Waste from the C&D sector represents about one third of waste sent to landfills in Metro Vancouver. Wood and plastic are the largest components of the C&D waste disposed in the region (approximately 60% and 12% respectively).
By recycling and reusing building materials we keep them out of the waste stream and help improve our air quality, land, and water supply.

This toolkit contains a reference guide and directory to help contractors, project managers, and homeowners learn more about:
• Demolition waste recycling requirements in
different municipalities throughout Metro
• Resources for the management of
hazardous materials commonly found in
construction sites
• Alternatives to traditional demolition
• Ways to reuse and recycle leftover building
• C&D facilities, recycling depots, and service
providers in Metro Vancouver
Can’t find a recycler for a specific material?
Visit Metro Vancouver Recycles or call
604-RECYCLE (604-732-9253)

To access the Toolkit click here.


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