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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

It’s All In the Details: How Leak Detectives Helped PepsiCo Meet Its Water Targets

Dripping tap
Photo by Graeme Robertson

In the last few weeks I have been reviewing the tips in the Pledge resource section with the view to ‘beefing’ them up for the new web site. Some of them seem like such small actions – low hanging fruit – and yet the one thing I’ve come to realize in the area of sustainability is that ‘little things’ make a big difference. For example, simply by installing occupancy sensors that turn off lights automatically when space is unoccupied saves about 25% of the lighting energy.(Source: BC Hydro)

This article on PepsiCo is another good example of “how small things add up”. PepsiCo has been able to meet its target of improving water efficiency across its operations by 20% per unit of production from 2006 levels, four years ahead of schedule partly because enthusiastic employees “leak detectives” have helped point out and fix visible leaks. “Sometimes water is used and almost nobody notices. PepsiCo’s director of water stewardship explains why paying attention is important.” Read the full article here.


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