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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Holiday Sustainability Made Simple

With everything else going on this Holiday Season, it can be daunting to think about adding another element to your festivities and traditions. Sustainability though does not have to equal (more) seasonal stress! One way to tackle this perceived dilemma is to first realize and celebrate how very small changes can have a huge impact and then making a few simple changes to your holiday routine. These changes can be found by breaking up seasonal sustainability into four categories:

1. Decorating Without the Detriment- Holiday Decorating Done Sustainably

2. Garbage ~Free~ Gifts- How to Give Great Gifts without the Waste

3. Wrap It in Green- Tips on Wrapping with the Environment in Mind

4. Seasonal Sustenance and Sustainability- Sustainable Food Preparation and Waste Tips

Each week of December we will be posting on one of these topics based on Metro Vancouver’s “Make Memories, Not Garbage” Campaign so stay tuned because next week we will kick it off with some great looking and low impact decorating tips!




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