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Hemlock Printers Named One of North America’s Top 4 Sustainable Printers

Congratulations to Burnaby-based (and BBOT member) Hemlock Printer for being ranked by Blueline Ranking as one of North America’s top sustainable printers .

Blueline Ranking, is  the only comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of North America’s printers. Published by global environmental not-for-profit Canopy, the interactive Blueline Ranking is designed specifically to help paper and packaging customers choose printers that can help them meet their own climate and sustainability goals and access Ancient Forest Friendly papers.

Printers at the top of this year’s ranking were active in advocating for the conservation of Ancient and Endangered Forests, supporting the development of next generation solutions, and bringing greater transparency to sustainability reporting.

“Congratulations to those printers who made the top positions in this year’s ranking,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy Founder and Executive Director. “Canopy’s Blueline Ranking is the environmental resource for big print customers. Protecting forests has never been more crucial in the history of humanity as we race to address climate change.”

This year’s Blueline features a new rating system and some significant shifts as new big players climb up through the ranks. Highlights of the 2018 ranking include:

  • Only six printers were awarded the Blueline’s top honour of Dark Green Ink-drops, well ahead of the other printers assessed in the Ranking. They achieved this through strong commitments to environmental sourcing and transparency.  All six dark green ranked printers are:
    • Displaying their fiber sourcing policies on their company websites;
    • Supporting the use of ForestMapper and working to map their supply chains;
    • Engaging governments on protected area proposals in forest Landscapes of Hope;
    • Supporting markets for papers made with agricultural residues;
    • Reporting transparently on their company websites.

The Blueline Ranking 2018 closely follows on the release of ForestMapper, and is part of a range of business-friendly sourcing tools designed by Canopy to help paper and packaging customers minimize risk by keeping Ancient and Endangered forests out of their supply chains.

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