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Hemlock Printer Named One of North America’s Top Sustainable Printers

Hemlock Printer Named One of North America’s Top Sustainable Printers

Congratulations to Hemlock Printers for taking second place as one of North America’s top sustainable printers. It is great to see a Burnaby company, not to mention a Pledge member and sponsor being such a leader in their industry!

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Article by Nicole Rycroft from Canopy.

Remember Coles Notes? Those magical little study aids that helped bring focus and clarity to even the most mind-numbing of university courses (Hmmm, come to think of it, I wonder what they were printed on?). As a busy professional, I now rely on exactly that kind of trusted analysis in almost all realms of my life – be it which phone to replace my ailing device with, which restaurants serve the best vegetarian fare, where to stay whilst on the road. And when it comes to wading through all of the sustainability claims made by printers to identify the real leaders, there’s no going past Canopy’s updated Blueline Printer Ranking.

The Blueline Report profiles the environmental performance of North America’s largest printers – ranking major printers on 28 key criteria and directing customer brands to the leaders in environmental performance.

Why is it important to work with a sustainable printer?

Working with environmentally responsible printers helps you hit your sustainability targets. And if you’re wondering if paper and printing really makes that much of an impact on your environmental performance, the answer is a resounding yes!

A growing body of research shows that the environmental footprint of printing is overwhelmingly attributable to the papers being printed on:

  • 48-79 percent of the carbon footprint of books and catalogues are ascribed to the papers used; and
  • 61 percent of a paper’s environmental footprint is due to the loss of carbon-rich biomass in forests that are logged to secure the raw fiber of most conventional papers.

By choosing sustainable papers and printers that prioritize use of eco-papers – be they recycled, sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests or made from straw leftover after the grain harvest – you will be better positioned to hit your sustainability objectives as well as contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change

Who are North America’s most sustainable printers?

Numerous printers responded to their customers’ encouragement over the past year to improve their sustainability practices and transparency. As a result, many ranked higher in this updated assessment. Proving that being successful and growing market share go hand and hand with sustainability, seven of North America’s largest printers occupy the top 10 of Canopy’s Blueline Printer Ranking.

North America’s top sustainable printers are:

  1. EarthColor – enjoying its second year in the top spot
  2. Hemlock Printers and The Printing House tied in the ranking for second place
  3. TC Transcontinental – the North American print giant moved into the top three in this ranking

Notable improvements over the past year include Arandell, which recently developed a policy with Canopy, and moved up from 15th to 6th in the ranking; and Sandy Alexander, which rose 10 points to 15th place. The full list and ranking of all printers can be foundhere.

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