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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Food-X is saving the planet, one grocery delivery at a time

BBOT member Food-X which recently opened its new warehouse in Burnaby wants to encourage other businesses to make changes that will benefit the planet. In a recent profile in the Burnaby Now, reporter Caylie Dobie had the opportunity to speak with Food-X CEO Peter Von Stolk.

If you had the blueprints to a more sustainable grocery-delivery business, would you share them with another business? That’s exactly what the CEO of SPUD has done in hopes of encouraging other businesses to make changes that’ll benefit the planet.

Peter van Stolk and the team at SPUD rolled out their newest venture, Food-X, in September. It’s a 74,000-square-foot facility, located on Trapp Avenue in South Burnaby, where groceries are packaged and shipped by truck to customers. Burnaby was chosen because of its central location, while the location itself was because of its proximity to a number of SPUD retailers.

But van Stolk’s goal isn’t to just fill the facility with SPUD products; he wants other companies to join him at Food-X. The idea is to create a hub where retailers and vendors coexist to create a more sustainable shipping model, according to van Stolk.

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