Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Ecological Footprint Calculator

This is an interesting exercise. I think of myself as someone who is fairly conscious of what I consume. I’m an avid recycler, I turn off all lights, I don’t eat meat, I buy local food whenever possible. And yet when I entered all the relevant details in the Ecological Footprint Calculator it turns out that I am using resources at a rate of 3.08 earths.  Yikes. Clearly my single occupancy car ride in a 4 door Mazda sedan is killing my efforts at being more sustainable.

Everyone here at the office did their calculations as well. There were, of course, some surprises. For example Ann, who walks every where, takes transit, is a vegetarian and a rabid recycler, had a much lower footprint than the rest of us but still not as low as you would expect. The Footprint Calculator is not designed for businesses to measure their footprint, but it’s definitely an interesting exercise for individuals. So here you go. Check it out.  It doesn’t take long.


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