Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Eco-Hero – Dream Designs!


Dream Designs | Organic Natural Healthy Living 

Dream Designs started in 1981 by the late Irma McInnis,  specializes in sleep, spa, mediation, yoga and home decor items made from sustainable fabrics in local factories. “Our rising standard of living should not come at the expense of the environment,” says Bei Linda Tang the current owner of  Dream Designs. “There are always sustainable alternatives and as a business owner I feel obligated to make those alternatives available.”

Bei Linda Tang, an ex-investment banker, was also in her twenties when she became the owner of Dream Designs.  She discovered the business while researching organic textiles for an MBA class. Even though the two women came from distinctly different backgrounds and had never met each other, Irma and Linda shared a fundamental vision for organic natural living, functional and stylish design, and sustainable business practices.

Dream Designs is 100% run by women and is committed to quality, purity, and style.


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