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Decorating Without the Detriment- Holiday Decorating Done Sustainably

The atmosphere is a huge part of that festive feeling for a lot of people and there are so many ways to achieve a holiday wonderland in your home without having such a negative effect on the environment. Things like tinsel and plastic ornaments really take a toll since we often times end up throwing them out and buying new each holiday- a weight for your wallet and your environmental footprint. Try some of these seasonal decorating tips from Metro Vancouver’s Create Memories, Not Garbage Campaign instead.

– Use what you have: Not only does this mean recycling décor year after year instead of buying new, it also means looking to what you have available to you outside. Instead of buying glittered pinecones from the store try making your own with those you find in your backyard or gather up some greenery for an aromatic wreath.

– Candles are a great way to usher in the seasonal ambiance, however, they can be dangerous if left unattended and are not great for the environment. Higher quality LED candles made of real wax have the same effect as real candles yet are safer and greener. Look out for rechargeable options and try to avoid the plastic disposable ones.

– Get your friends and family involved: decorating can be a great way to spend time together over the holidays. By inviting your friends and family over to make decorations you will have more creative minds thinking of ways to repurpose things such as newspapers, magazine and bits of string as well as be spreading the word about eco-decorating this season. Click here for some examples of sustainable holiday crafts.

Decorating doesn’t have to be detrimental to our environment and sustainability can be fun and seasonal with just a little imagination and commitment. Check back next week for some examples and tips on great gifts that are waste conscious.



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