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Conserving Water- Not Just a Summer Topic

Although in the winter we are not using water to do things such as water lawns and gardens or fill up swimming pools, there is still lots that can be done to be water-wise. There are certain ways that you can prepare your home for winter’s effect that will act as preventative measures to conserve water.

1. Winterize your pipes- This is important to combat the disaster of a pipe bursting. Besides the extensive damage that can be caused, burst pipes are a major culprit of winter water waste. Regular maintenance and checks plus doing simple things such as wrapping external pipes to try and keep them warmer can go a long way in preventing this problem.

2. Insulate hot water pipes- We have all been there, shivering while the hot water takes forever to finally reach our showers. You can ask a plumber, or try to a little DIY, to wrap your pipes in insulation. This will keep hot water hot and help in preventing leaks.

3. In case all else fails, make sure you know where the shut-off valve is- Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry and in that situation it is important to know how to fix the problem fast. Knowing where your home’s water control valve is will mean you are able to stop the waste of water quicker, and potentially save your home from the damage that would come while waiting for a plumber to arrive.

Water conservation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think winter sustainability, however, there are still opportunities to prevent waste.

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