Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Congratulations to City of Burnaby Environmental Award Winners!

The City of Burnaby held it’s environmental awards last night at City Hall. We were honoured to be in the company of so many others who work to make Burnaby a more sustainable community.

Congratulations to:

Recipients of the Environmental Star

Pledge and BBOT members Reid’s Automotive Recycling:Reid’s Automotive Recycling, in the category of Business Stewardship, for their outstanding achievements to reduce the environmental footprint of their business operations. Read more.





Pledge Member Simon Fraser University, in the category of Communications, for outstanding community engagement as part of the SFU 20 Year Sustainability Vision and Goals planning process. More…


Randy and Wendy Snyder, members of Stoney Creek Environment Committee, in the category of Community Stewardship, for their significant contributions to the Stoney Creek Environment Committee’s stewardship programs. More…

Mireta Strandberg-Salmon, in the category of Youth, for her outstanding efforts to eliminate bottled water consumption at Moscrop Secondary School. More…

Deer Lake Student Streamkeepers, in the category of Youth, for their stewardship of Deer Lake Brook.

Environmental Awards

Burnaby Board of Trade, in the category of Business Stewardship, for their outstanding and ongoing efforts to help Burnaby businesses be more environmentally sustainable. More.






Kimberley Wong, in the category of Green Choices, for her outstanding efforts in her community to create a shared garden space for growing food. More.

Pledge Member British Columbia Institute of Technology, Factor Four Initiative, in the category of Planning and Development, for outstanding contributions to sustainability and the built environment. More.





Sonya Kung, student at Ecole Alpha Secondary School, in the category of Youth, for her outstanding leadership and environmental achievements. More.


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