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Community Shout-Out: Stoney Creek Environment Committee make a splash in salmon season

This fall has been very successful for the volunteers with the Stoney Creek Environment Committee as they have witnessed the largest return of chum salmon in years. At the week end salmon counts the total for the season of chum were 2405 and coho numbers were 120. Many people in the community came out to see the fish engaged in their spawning rituals. Advancing rapidly through riffles to reach the upper reaches of the watershed, fish were seen as far up as  North rd and Ash Grove Crescent in Burnaby.

Through the year volunteers have been active in habitat restoration and taking steps to improve things. When you see a 42% increase in chum returns from one year to the next any business man would be pleased with this momentum and its a testament to all the hard work that SCEC has put in over the years.

Check out a recent story in the Burnaby Now to learn more about their activities.


John Templeton, chair of the Stoney Creek Environment Committee holds a chum that finished spawning recently. The groups has counted 800 salmon in this year’s Stoney Creek run so far.   Photograph By Cornelia Naylor published by the Burnaby Now

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