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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Return-it CEO Allen Langdon Launches Podcast “Closing the Loop”

Welcome to Closing the Loop! A conversation about recycling, sustainability and the circular economy, brought to you by Return-It, an industry owned, not-for-profit product stewardship agency with beverage container management as its core business. Join Return-It President & CEO Allen Langdon as he speaks to industry leaders around the globe to bring awareness to environmental challenges and innovations.  The podcast features thought-provoking conversations on some of the most important topics of our time. Learn more about what’s working, isn’t working and what we can do better together. The conversations cover initiatives large and small, with exciting ideas for us to consider both as individuals and organizations committed to sustainable solutions. Special thanks to these guests for the first few episodes for having great conversations with us: Sander Defruyt, David Clark, Ron Soreanu, Bruce Karas, Heather K. Mak, and Coro Strandberg

You can access Closing the Loop podcasts here!


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