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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Building Good: How to Retrofit to Reduce Carbon Emissions

One of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses are our buildings. But we can’t knock them all down and start over. So what can we do? Tim Coldwell discusses this in the first episode of the series “Zero by Fifty” with Chris Benedetti, managing partner of Sussex Strategy Group: The future is retro w/ Chris Benedetti.

“If you look at the total amount of carbon, that’s being admitted in our economy, one of the biggest emitters that we have in our society is actually coming from buildings.”

Season 3 of Chandos Construction’s Building Good podcast is here.

Achieving net zero by 2050 requires us to build differently, but what about the buildings that are already up? We can’t just knock them all down, even if they are inefficient carbon factories. We retrofit them. This can be expensive and difficult though, but it’s possible. Chris Benedetti knows how to make it possible, and where the financial tools exist to make it happen. 

Building Good podcast: Tim Coldwell and Jen Hancock of Chandos Construction speak with various industry leaders to find out how we can achieve the ambitious environmental goal set by Canada – to have net zero emissions as a country by 2050. 


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