Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Bringing the Circular Economy to Life In British Columbia

BizBiz BC, an online resource-sharing marketplace platform, is helping to build Circular Economy in British Columbia by making it easy for businesses to connect, share resources and reduce waste. The sharing economy is increasingly defining the economic landscape in all sectors. Better use of equipment, space, or inventory that is underutilized represents an opportunity for companies to collaborate and optimize their operations, generate additional income while minimizing their environmental impact. Vancity is supporting their business members to join BizBiz BC and benefit from the advantages of the platform. Through this partnership, Vancity’s business members get exclusive $100 gift cards on their first transactions on BizBiz BC.

Sign up on BizBiz BC with this link to get your $100 gift card towards your first transaction and start selling or renting your underutilized resources today! Let’s join the circular movement. 

Find out more about BizBiz BC here.


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