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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

BC non-profit proves it’s doing right by your tech.

BC non-profit proves it’s doing right by your tech.

Technology has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. We love to get new gadgets, but then have to answer ‘what will we do with our old tech?’

BC Technology for Learning Society has been providing a quality reuse service to BC for over 20 years and is now verified as an approved reuse organization through the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Electronics Reuse & Refurbishing Program (ERRP).

 “Administering a government program means we were already operating to a high standard of refurbishment practice, end of life disposal, and health and safety measures” says Mary-Em Waddington, executive director of BC Technology for Learning Society. “The audit process provides our new and existing donors with third party verification on our practices.”

Each year BC Tech refurbishes and distributes between 6000 -8000 donated computers to schools and non-profit organizations to ensure everyone has access to technology.  Over 145,000 computers have already had a second life through their refurbishment efforts, and with the audit have proven they ‘walk the talk’ of a good industry player. 

Under the ERRP, BC Tech demonstrated compliance with worker health and safety, security measures, and downstream compliance through either the reuse, or the recycling stream.

“Although the EPRA BC program is designed to manage all obligated end-of-life electronics, we first encourage reuse through reputable organizations in the province” says Craig Wisehart, Executive Director of EPRA BC.  “In fact, we have a rigorous audit process to qualify reuse organizations and we are pleased that BC Technology for Learning Society has successfully completed the ERRP and are verified as the first approved reuser in the province.”

Reuse is an important component within the lifecycle of electronic ownership. Most equipment from the ICI sector can, and should, have its useful life extended when placed in a new environment. The work of BC Technology for Learning Society helps achieve this goal while benefiting youth engaged in work experience and increases the ability for all British Columbians to have access to technology.

This announcement comes at the beginning of Waste Reduction Week (Oct 19 – 23) and residents with tech to donate are welcome to participate in the Reuse Round Up.

For more information, please contact:

Mary-Em Waddington                                                                   Craig Wiseheart

BC Technology for Learning Society                                         Electronic Products Recycling Association, BC

604-250-9936                                                                                     604-291-1002

MWaddington@ReuseTechBC.ca                                             craig.wisehart@epra.ca



BC Technology for Learning Society is a registered charity delivering the Computers for Schools program.  Collecting donations of used equipment from business, government and individuals, the Society has repurposed over 145,000 computers into schools and other community spaces.


EPRA BC is a not-for-profit industry-led organization that oversees a government-approved end-of-life electronics recycling program in the province. Residents of BC are encouraged to drop off their old, unusable electronics at any one of EPRA BC’s over 220 collection sites in the province (including Return-it and voluntary return-to-retail locations) for safe and secure recycling.





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