Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

BBOT Urges City of Burnaby to Set Ambitious Climate Reduction Targets

In a letter sent to the City of Burnaby’s Environment and Social Planning Committee, the BBOT’s CEO and President Paul Holden urged the city to set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The impacts of even the most likely level of climate warming include increases in the likelihood of drought, floods, extreme heat, rising sea levels, food scarcity, species loss and more. These expected effects will increase the risk and uncertainty faced by businesses, disrupting their supply chains, impacting their customers, and substantially increasing the risk to economic growth. The BBOT’s award-winning program A Pledge for a Sustainable Community has been a longtime  leader in engaging Burnaby businesses in environmental stewardship.

As a convener of business, community and government leadership, the Burnaby Board of Trade looks forward to working collaboratively with stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions.

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