Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

2016 Pledge Member Highlights




HollyNorth Production Supplies

  • Implemented a program called “Take a paint, Leave a paint.” We installed a cupboard where customers can leave partially used spray cans for the use of others, or pick up a partial can instead of buying/wasting another can. Although it may impact our sales slightly, it does result in less waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

FS Financial

  • Implemented composting for all our 10 offices in lower mainland including our Burnaby Branch.

False Creek Collision Eco

  • We switched all lights to LED including the wall packs including heat thermostats and programmable. Financing was provided by Vancity.

Over a span of 10 years we will save $45K in energy and maintenance savings. The investment is appr. $12K and the financing is done by using the savings for the first 3 years. Not a single dime is being taken off cash flow.

We continue to working with Kambo to explore more opportunities, for instance replacing the single pane windows with two pane windows and installing industrial ceiling fans for better heat diffusion in the shop. Just to name a couple!

School District 41

  • Our facilities department is providing up to 3 galvanized garden beds to schools who apply to install gardens for use in delivering the curriculum in science, art, etc. They will be installing up to another 50 this coming March as more and more schools begin to incorporate gardens into their classroom activities. When these 50 go in during the spring, we will have over 125 of these garden containers at well over half of the schools in the district. They are affordable, portable, and are the ideal size for a classroom of students to care for. Classes are growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, and plants for butterflies.

Investors Group

  • we do daily composting collection
  • recycle all paper and recyclable items

Alpha Technologies

  • We did indeed have a very active ‘Bike to Work Week’ with over 20 participants and culminating in a pancake breakfast; and
  • We completed our annual ISO 14001 audit with zero (0) non-conformances.  We were actually audited against the new standard which is coming into effect next year and we still managed to dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s.

Investors Group – Brent!

  • I actually have a pledge of my own. I was able to ride my bike to work throughout the summer and will continue in 2017.

Silent Gardener

  • For the 2016 season we continue to operate with a focus on sustainable landscape maintenance. Earlier in the season we purchased a gas powered lawn mower that will be converted to  Lithium batteries.
  •  By the end of 2016 we will have installed solar panels on our cargo trailer to help charge our batteries for our smaller mowers and the batteries for our hand held battery power equipment.
  •  In 2017 we are looking to purchase a Chevy Bolt that will used for transport for doing quality checks and quoting on new strata and commercial properties.

Greenscape Design and Décor

  • Majority of our team rides their bike to work all year around, or takes public transportation.
  • This year we started working with Eco Action to implement further recycling and sustainable lunch room practices including organic waste, ALL plastic and glass container recycling, soft plastic and paper recycling.
  • We were also recognized as a finalist for the City of Burnaby Environmental Awards Program in the Business Stewardship category.

Sustainability TV

  • We built our mobile office to power itself on solar power… 

Acuere Consulting

  • Certified Climate Smart and purchased offsets to become carbon neutral (including Scope 3 emissions)
  • Conducted GHG inventories for clients to help quantify their sustainability so they know if they “crossed the finish line”
  • Purchased electric scooters to solve the “last mile” problem of using transit.  They are also “rider-friendly” by taking up less space on SkyTrain than bicycles, helping to maximize transit capacity.
  • Further research in the development of the world’s first modelled Annual Average Daily Bicycle (AADB) traffic metric, to parallel the metric traffic engineers use to quantify motorized vehicle traffic.

Highnet Energy

  • One of my fun milestones this year was to be number 1 on google if you google “New Energy Paradigm images” where I appear with Amory Lovins my major mentor in energy.



  • TELUS diverted 62.6 tonnes of waste and recycled 103.6 tonnes of material from its 4 Burnaby locations through the first 9 months of 2016 since implementing its Waste & Recycling Strategy which targets 90% waste diversion from all operations by 2020.

Shape Properties

  • We have saved over 3300 GJ in cumulative gas at Lougheed Town Center this year equivalent to the annual  energy consumption of 20 homes.

 Stoney Creek Environment Committee

57 Volunteers participated in a total of 12 work parties from May until December when the snow fell and curtailed our efforts.Each month these people led by Wendy H and Kathy L removed a total of 63 bags of invasive plants from Beaverbrook Drive to the Lougheed Highway along the banks of Stoney Creek.

After removing these non native species 119 plants and trees were replanted to repatriate the area. These are native species which will add to the natural environment by providing shade for the creek during warm summer days and berries to feed local birds during the winter months.

This is one of the ways that SCEC volunteers enhance the local community in addition to our efforts in Salmon conservation. We had 2405 Chum Salmon  and 120 coho return to the watershed this fall.

Electronic Arts Canada

EAV is doing great!  We continue to see a reduction in the overall amount of materials that would have been previously slated to go to the waste to energy facility in Burnaby  (Alternate Recovery).

When comparing 2015 to 2016 data, EA Vancouver have seen an increase in the collection of:

  • Soft plastics
  • Styrofoam
  • Batteries
  • E-waste recycling

This speaks volumes to the marketing and education campaigns throughout the studio, especially in light of our large population growth!

EA Vancouver has also observed an increase in the category “other materials” – this captures materials such as paint, aerosol cans, and small appliances which were previously not accounted for, when leaving our facility.

 Jack’s New and Used Building Supplies

  • Our business is about recycling and we divert probably  a 1000 tonnes or more of building materials from the landfill for reuse.



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