Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Valley Bakery – The First Burnaby Business to Take the Pledge for a Sustainable Burnaby!

Valley Bakery has been doing business in Burnaby for 54 years – customers effusively describe its old world charm, hospitality and commitment to fresh ingredients as reasons why they continue to shop there. Now Valley Bakery can add a commitment to lowering its environmental footprint to its successful business mix.

The first to sign up for the BBOT’s newly launched Pledge for a Sustainable Burnaby, Valley Bakery owner Jack Kuyer says, “taking these steps just makes good business sense for us and we also believe strongly in giving back to the community.”

The Pledge for a Sustainable Burnaby is an online resource that offers businesses the opportunity to learn about reducing their footprint, while sharing their ongoing sustainable initiatives with the community.

Find the Pledge at bbotpledge.ca.


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