Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

The BBOT Applaud’s City’s Updated Climate Action

The Burnaby Board of Trade is pleased to see the City of Burnaby, at a recent City Council meeting, approve an acceleration of Burnaby’s climate actions, and an update to the City’s community carbon pollution reduction targets.

Through the work of our Environmental Sustainability Committee and its related taskforce, the Burnaby Board of Trade engaged with the City and its Environment and Social Planning Committee to formally encourage the City to take urgent and ambitious actions to prevent and mitigate the worst impacts of a warming climate.  Click here or read below our letter to the City urging greater climate action.

The Burnaby Board of Trade has long been a leader amongst business organizations on climate and the environment, seeking productive ways of engaging business and government in increasing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions through actions such as:


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