Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

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Business is increasingly challenged by the issues of our time – the climate crisis, growing inequality, attracting and retaining talent and pivoting in a time of crisis. 

Not only does business need to mitigate these impacts on their own operations, but it is also clear that it is imperative that business be a part of the solution to larger societal problems. 

The social purpose business model fundamentally alters the business model from business to business and business to consumer to business to society. 

How can the Social Purpose Institute get you started on your social purpose? 


Social Purpose Innovators is a unique experience developed by the Social Purpose Institute at United Way to help businesses uncover or refine their core, societal reason for being. 

What does it involve? 

·       6 cohort-based online lab sessions over 12 months. 

·       Collaborative peer approach with 8 to 10 values-based businesses. 

·       Expertly facilitated through a proven process of research and ideation to help you identify your company’s enduring North Star. 

Is your company ready to take the next step to discover your business’ Social Purpose? 

For more information on Innovators Lab click here. 

To connect with SPI staff click here. 

Tessa Vanderkop
Social Purpose Strategist, Social Purpose Institute
United Way British Columbia | Lower Mainland
TessaV@uwbc.ca | socialpurpose.ca


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