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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Return-it: Did you know what end-of-life electronics are accepted for recycling?

The electronics in my house seem to be dying at exactly the same time. In the last month both my printer and an old electronic keyboard gasped their final electronic breaths. They are dead and gone. Luckily I have a Return-it near me (which also takes styrofoam by the way) so the issue of what to do with them was easy. I checked their web page to make sure they were items they accepted (if not visit Recycling Council of British Columbia) and drove them over.

Return-It has a comprehensive page that shows exactly what electronics can be recycled. As mentioned above the Recycling Council of BC is also a great resource which has a handy tool on their home page to identify where to take a variety of items you wish to recycle. The Recycling Council also has a great mobile app called Recyclepedia Mobile App. Of course, the best option is to reuse your no-longer-needed equipment, particularly computers. Check out BC Technology for Learning Society. They collect donations of used computers and tablets from governments and businesses for refurbishment and re-distribution to schools, libraries, low income families, and learning focused not-for-profit organizations across BC – a great way to recycle your computer!


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