Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Vancity – Branch 61

Vancity- New Westminster Community Branch

511-6th Street New Westminster,BC V3L 3B9 http://vancity.com

To help create better environment and reduce carbon footprint and its align with Vancity’ guiding principle

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Switch from incandescent to CFL, HID or LED lighting
  • Encourage staff to use efficient rinsing techniques
  • Scrape dishes rather than rinsing them before washing
  • Water dry spot by hand instead of running the whole irrigation system longer.
  • Discard water into plants instead of the drain
  • Encourage carpooling to company events and offsite meetings
  • Share trip planning tools – TransLink trip planner, Next Bus, Mobile Site/Apps, cycling route planner
  • Engage employees in regional campaigns like Bike to Work Week, Carpool Hero, etc.
  • Use webinars, video and teleconferencing

Vancity – Branch 61