Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

HighNet Energy Inc.

HighNet Energy Inc.
1160 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC  V6E 1N1

604-771-9051| dcw@highnetenergy.com


Our Pledge:

  • Help Save the Planet by changing the Energy Paradigm
  • Distribute up to 600,000 LED light bulbs per month
  • Launch the book “Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet”
  • Make affordable Light Bulbs available in Canada, UK and Australia
  • Find a sensible solution for Thermal Storage
  • Develop World solutions for Energy Efficiency using new technology

Past/Ongoing Actions:

  • Introduced the most efficient LED Light bulb to Canada
  • Marketed through a range of established retail outlets
  • Written the Book – “Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet – The Light Bulb Games”
  • Conducted our first three presentations on saving the planet
  • Established 25 locations locally selling affordable light bulbs
  • Taken an investigatory tour of the UK to establish need
  • Introduced affordable LED lighting to Saskatchewan
  • Undertaken an investigatory tour to Hawaii to establish need
  • Opened Home Hardware sales in Whistler
  • Established real sustainable respondents

HighNet Energy Inc.