Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Burnaby Family Life

Burnaby Family Life
102 – 2101 Holdom Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V5B 0A4

604.659.2200| bfl_info@burnabyfamilylife.org


Our Pledge:

  • To serve on the City of Burnaby’s Environmental Sustainability Committee
  • Mobilize a community based response to the BBOT’s Pledge Campaign through its networks, including but not limited to the Burnaby Inter agency Council, the Burnaby Inter Cultural Planning Table and the Federation of Community Social Services of B.C.
  • To engage the leadership team of Burnaby Family Life’s board of directors, managers and supervisors in raising awareness campaign at all levels of the organization.
  • To implement an education and training plan at all BFL locations for employees, volunteers and program participants
  • To research Google Destination Conservation on water, energy, garbage reduction and implement similar strategies at BFL
  • To engage a key note speaker for an agency wide professional development day in August, 2013
  • To engage “champions” within the organization by supporting them as role models for others
  • To assess and promote what we are currently doing in each program area and increase co-ordination of our efforts, agency wide.
  • To provide incentives to individuals and programs for making a difference.
  • To expand the garden at Burnaby South and explore the feasibility of promoting community gardens in other programs and in the community.
  • Partner and support other organization efforts such as clothing / toy exchanges for our clients
  • Integrate educational strategies into BFL programming with clients and volunteers, whenever possible
  • Implement 3 annual campaigns, focusing on 1. Water; 2. Energy; and 3. Garbage Reduction
  • Explore feasibility of a social innovation project


Burnaby Family Life