Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

BCIT Student Association

BCIT Student Association
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V5G 3H2

604-432-8413 | events@bcitsa.ca

Our Pledge:

  • Improve the organization’s performance in sustainability including but not limited to; food services; building design, construction, and renovation; contracted services; and procurement of goods and services.
  • Have publications printed on re-cycled paper
  • Insure re-cycling boxes are in every office
  • Increase paperless habits i.e. booklets and posters that can be found online

Past/Ongoing Actions:

  • composting of coffee grinds and vegetable matter from our three stores and pub.
  • increased the number of recycling bins around the Burnaby campus (paper, plastic, returnables, batteries).
  • Created a “Green by Association” webpage dedicated to maximizing student green behaviour on all campuses – and a platform upon which to create new projects.
  • Drafted new Sustainability Policy for organization’s Policy Manual.

BCIT Student Association