Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

ACT-Autism Community Training

ACT-Autism Community Training
#150 – 2250 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC  V5M 3Z3

604-205-5467| vwalker@actcommunity.net


Our Pledge:

  • We just added a vermicomposter for our fruit, vegetable, coffee ground, and tea leaf waste
  • We just added Venus Fly Traps to our office as an environmentally friendly way to take care of little bugs
  • We will run the dishwasher only when full and on off hours
  • We will encourage employees to turn off monitors at the end of the day rather than just relying on the power down mode

Past/Ongoing Actions:

  • turn off the lights at the end of the day
  • have our printers defaulted to double-sided
  • changed our name tags for events so they can be re-used and no longer provide sign-in packages
  • 8% of employees cycle to work everyday with others cycling sometimes or part-way
  • 25% take the bus everyday
  • others in our office either walk to work in good weather or walk part of the way to work

ACT-Autism Community Training