Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Metro Vancouver Wants Your Input on the Clean Air Plan

Metro Vancouver is advancing with Climate 2050, our climate action strategy to pursue a carbon neutral, resilient region by 2050. We need your input to ensure all opportunities and the best ideas are brought into this discussion. In an effort to capture the drivers that influence regional greenhouse gas emissions as well how climate change will affect the region, Metro Vancouver has published six Discussion Papers to date.

Each paper describes the current situation and proposes ambitious goals and “big ideas” in reducing carbon emissions and climate adaptation. Please review the Discussion Papers and provide comments by the date noted. There are on-line feedback forms that you can use or you can direct your comments to the project team at Climate2050@metrovancouver.orgTransportation (extended to Sept 30, 2020) 
Buildings (extended to Sept 30, 2020) 
Industry (extended to Sept 30, 2020) 
Agriculture (by Dec 30, 2020) 
Nature and Ecosystems (by Dec 30, 2020) 
Waste Management (by Dec 30, 2020)

The next series of discussion papers expected by early 2021 will address Infrastructure, Clean Energy, Land Use & Growth Management, and Human Health & Wellbeing.

Your input will feed into a series of Climate 2050 Roadmaps for action for a carbon neutral region by 2050 as well as inform the development of the Clean Air Plan that will shape emission reduction policies in the next nine years and will advance important air quality objectives for this region.

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