Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Meet Our Eco Heroes!

Meet Our Eco Heroes!

The Silent Gardener

The Silent Gardener Ltd’s focus is on sustainable landscape maintenance. All of their gardening equipment are powered by a lithium batteries and they use organic methods and biological pest controls.

BC Technology for Learning Society

BC Tech works hard to protect the environment from toxic electronic waste and accomplishes this with responsible materials management in-line with principals of sustainable development. They employ a balanced use of all three components of sound environmental practice: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. BC Tech’s reuse program is regarded as “best practice” for extending the life of electronics. In fact, their program often doubles the life span of computer electronics, significantly eliminating e-waste in landfills. Reusing computers also lessens the amount of technology that is recycled prematurely. Recycling has a large environmental cost, including transportation, smelting, and efficiency costs. Their program reduces greenhouse gas emissions, preserves natural resources, and conserves more energy than recycling! In addition to their great reuse story, they have taken strides to make their workspace and work practice as environmentally friendly as possible. During their construction period in 2008, they designed and built to LEED standing, sourcing recycled steel for support beams, used low VOC paints and glues, installed energy efficient lighting and heat/air circulation system. Last year they upgraded the original metal halide bulbs and replaced them with LED lights. It’s much brighter and much cheaper to operate. Their biggest success is in our packaging. Most of the packing materials they use are recyclable (cardboard, shrink wrap and zap straps) From time to time they utilize foam blocks or cushions, which were received with the donated computers. In these ways, they are able to walk their talk to ‘REUSE Tech BC!”

lupii Café

lupii cafe is a community focused, zero-waste cafe, dedicated to environmental and social sustainability while providing delicious food and beverages. Their strategy extends throughout the company, from their food to their furniture to their take-out containers. At lupii cafe you won’t find anything disposable – their takeout containers are mason jars and resuable upcycled cloth napkins – you won’t be throwing anything away. In addition, their store has been built from the ground up with reused materials. All their furniture (tables, countertops, display boards, you name it!) has been made from upcycled materials (their custom designed counters and tables are a work of art – made from a school gymnasium floor!). Finally, lupii cafe’s zero-waste strategy extends to the problem of food waste. Every day, Canadians waste over 40% of all food. lupii cafe prioritizes sourcing local produce that is perfectly healthy and delicious but may end up in the landfill due to industry requirements regarding size/shape or arbitrary sell-by dates. lupii cafe is also a proud member of the slow food movement.

Kitchen Craft Vancouver

Kitchen Craft has a long standing commitment to providing great quality & craftsmanship while adhering to the strict criteria of the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program. Here are some of the steps they’ve taken along their path to becoming eco-friendly:

  • Manufacturing cabinets that meet the lowest emission standards for better indoor air quality
  • Using only 100% recycled materials
  • Sourcing hardwoods from credible, sustainable foresters
  • Adopting a company-wide reduce and recycle program

Burnaby Lake Park Association: Dave Stafford- Volunteer

The organizing committee of the 2016 National Rowing Championships and Canada Cup Regattas at Burnaby Lake (from Rowing BC) were overwhelmed by how much of a positive impact Dave created by ensuring the waste captured at their event was handled extremely well as he helped individuals sort their garbage/recycling so that nothing ended up in the incorrect bin . His efforts enabled them to offer an exceptional event from all perspectives and because of it they believe those who participated were inspired and will take on similar initiatives at other regattas. There was significantly less waste collected after the regatta and this helped them set the ideal standard for years to come. Thanks for helping Dave, they say that they could not have done it without you!

Tiger Purification Systems Inc—Watertiger

The Company provides consulting services which maximize the use of grey water and rain water and reduces the use of potable water. This means more efficient use of the water supply resulting in less waste and less green house gas emission. It also allows for more sustainable and livable communities.

Rikur Energy

At Rikur Energy, they believe PV technology is the next big step in energy production, and they want to help you start producing clean energy for your home and save money in the process. Rikur has also implemented a commitment that for every solar panel they install, they plant a tree through the One Tree Planted initiative.

Brentwood Town Centre – The Amazing Brentwood

Heather with Shape Properties leads the Green Team at Brentwood Town Centre and has been instrumental in numerous energy saving campaigns over the last year. Including participating in the BC Hydro Energy Wise program, promoting the BBOT Pledge and engaging tenants and staff in promoting energy saving tips.

Lougheed Town Centre

As the operations manager Ralph has been working hard to save energy at the property. Since starting in 2013 he has accumulated savings of over 5,700,000 eKWh in electricity and 1,900,000 eKWh in gas through energy efficiency projects and finding operation efficiencies.

False Creek Collision

Bernhard and the team at False Creek Collision are continually looking for ways to improve their operations and lower their impact on the environment. In late 2016 False Creek Collisoin partnered with Kambo to upgrade to energy efficiency lighting throughout their facility. The lighting retrofits will reduce the facility’s energy consumption, lower costs, and improve light quality creating a win-win for the environment and False Creek Collision.

Sue Todd – Principal of Solstice Sustainability Works Inc.

Susan Todd is an eco-hero because she is a Canadian pioneer in corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting.  She broke ground with the first independent assurance of a “social audit report” in North America – for Vancity’s 1997 Social Report. She serves on the Sustainability Advisory Board of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). In 2003, Susan founded The Accountability Project, North America’s first certified training program in sustainability reporting and assurance.  It has since trained more than 400 managers and professionals from six continents.

Jennie Moore – Associate Dean, Building Design and Construction Technology, BCIT

Developed and implemented sustainability as a core value at the Institute. Identified and developed initiatives to position the School of Construction and the Environment as a leader in sustainability education, including new curricula and revision to existing curricula. Core advisor to the development of the International Ecocity Framework and Standards. Currently developing a tool designed to measure the sustainability footprint of cities around the world (EcoCities) http://ecocitiesemerging.org/author/jennie-moore/

Vancity Branches

Why Burnaby Vancity Branches ? Well that title aligns with everything we do at Vancity. It is the norm for us . All our branches are built or refitted to be energy efficient . For example – low flush toilets , sensors on all taps to conserve water and auto light sensor switches to name a few. Sustainability is not just in our workplace but one of our mantras. (carbon neutral ) Every discussion we make strives to be better by using less energy and reducing our environmental footprint . It’s the right thing to do . Along with the regular recycling you find in lunch rooms –  plastic, paper, composte we also have a container for styro foam and one for batteries.  We do it all and are learning there is room for more. Vancity Burnaby branches love to promote, help and volunteer in local events . That’s it in a nut shell .

John Templeton – (Stoney Creek Environmental Society) – Great Salmon Send-Off

John Templeton has been volunteering with the SCEC, where he is the current chair, for many years having lived on Burnaby Mountain for over 20 years. It was a dream to bring salmon back to Tributary 3A – a small creek close to his home that joined Stoney Creek. He got involved with SCEC and regularly cleared all the debris blockages starting up on the mountain and working his way down stream to near the Stoney Creek Community School. In 2004, the first salmon returned to spawn and have been coming back every year. He is also committed to education and community involvement so local residents are aware of the salmon in their own neighbourhoods. SCEC is involved with students from the elementary school level, through high school, up to post secondary, where we are engaged with SFU who use the Stoney Creek watershed as part of the classroom in Environmental Science classes. John has been recognized by the City of Burnaby with the presenting of an Environmental Star award in 2012. The Burnaby Now also recognized his contributions in the community in December 2016 and named him as one of Burnaby’s leading Citizens, setting a standard for others to follow.

Dick and Richard Kouwenhoven- Hemlock Printers

Hemlock is committed to producing the highest quality printing with the least social and environmental impact and has been at the forefront of this work since the early 1970s. Dick and Richard are early pioneers in the green movement in Burnaby and the printing industry. Among many other achievements, they are a carbon neutral green printer and have lobbied their paper suppliers to provide more green alternatives. As well, Richard was one of the originators of the Pledge program at BBOT.

Nick Kvenich- Eagle Creek Streamkeepers

Nick Kvenich is a true eco hero and his name is likely no surprise to the city of Burnaby or its residents. He is a streamkeeper and has been one for years. Nick and his group Eagle Creek Streamkeepers have been involved in cleaning up Eagle Creek for almost 2 decades. When he first started Eagle Creek was polluted with garbage. It took 5 years just to clean it up by these wonderful volunteers. Even then the rehabilitation of the creek seemed all but lost. Then one by one the chum salmon came back to the clear waters of Eagle Creek. Nick Kvenich leads his Eagle Creek Streamkeepers every April by putting on a rain or shine Salmon Release event and the community always comes, nothing stops them. This past weekend was no excuse as the community turned out once again and the salmon were release. Thank you Nick Kvenich for doing your part and more in the community.

Tell us why you or someone you know if an Eco-Hero here.


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