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Karen Storry on Tackling Clothing Waste

Karen Storry will be one of seven presenters at the “Business Innovation and Sustainability” event hosted at the Element Hotel on June 27th.

Karen is a Senior Project Engineer for the Metro Vancouver regional government’s Solid Waste Planning Team. Karen’s work focuses on programs and policies to reduce and recycle materials currently destine for disposal including clothing waste. As part of her work on clothing waste reduction she co-wrote the white paper – “Unravelling the Problem of Apparel Waste in the Greater Vancouver Region”. You can find links to the paper and more about Metro Vancouver’s work on clothing waste reduction by searching “Metro Vancouver tackles clothing waste” or visit clothesarentgarbage.ca

Summary of Presentation:
Tackling Clothing Waste
Karen Storry, P.Eng

Textiles are one of the fastest growing waste streams due to rapidly changing fashion trend cycles and low prices, which have led to an increase in clothing consumption and disposal. More and more clothing is ending up in the garbage – currently it makes up about half of all textile waste in the Metro Vancouver Region. That’s equivalent to about 44 t-shirts per person per year! This presentation will share a brief overview of what Metro Vancouver is doing to tackle clothing waste including an overview of Metro Vancouver’s first textiles waste behaviour change campaign – “Think Thrice” – launched in February 2019.

Join us June 27th for “Business Innovation and Sustainability Talks” at the Element Hotel from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Get your tickets here!


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