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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Greenscape Design & Decor – Sustainability is Important to Our Business Model

Greenscape Design & Decor – Sustainability is Important to Our Business Model


Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility has always been an important aspect to Greenscape’s business model, artificial plants and plantscaping is by nature, more sustainable, so it was an easy incorporation into all of Greenscape’s operation. Artificial “plantscaping” is regarded to have a positive environmental impact through the reduction in water consumption & harmful pesticides required for both the end user and in nursery production & decorative flower farming. Artificial “plantscaping” also reduces carbon footprints by minimizing transportation needs of regular service & replacement of live plants & floral.

Wherever possible, we seek products and services identified as environmentally preferable in our internal practices and our product manufacturing.

Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility mandate includes:

  • 100% of our reused products are donated to charities, schools and non-profit associations
  • More than 80% of our component parts can readily be recycled at the end of our rental inventory’s life span.
  • Used electronic equipment is donated to the non-profit organization, Free Geek Vancouver.

For every day operations, the first goal that was important to tackle our processes with regards to manufacturing and raw products to ensure our clients are getting the best product with the least impact to the earth. As much as possible:

  • Raw products used are salvaged, refurbished or reused materials.
  • Greenscape uses solid wood, natural timbers or reclaimed wood to avoid toxins found in particleboard or plywood.
  • Imported woods used for specialty designs are sourced from renewable sources such as bamboo, grapevine and palm thatching.
  • Greenscape uses VOC-free paints, environmentally safe adhesives, and biodegradable cleaning products.
  • In manufacturing, products are easily repaired or redesigned so replacement is often avoided.
  • Superior construction and durable products means less replacement costs and reduced waste.
  • Custom designed trees are built in Canada with 60% natural and local materials.
  • Custom-built wooden planters are made with 100% local and natural wood products.
  • We provide LEED-credit planter options, manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials, are available for commercial sales clients.

The next appropriate step, once our focus on product was established, was to put focus on our internal and every day operations. It’s important to Greenscape to have a Green Mandate, but to instill in all of our team members the importance of them buying into our commitment to a sustainable work environment, product and service. Our green internal practices include:

  • Implementing and monitoring extensive recycling programs including paper, cardboard, soft plastics, wood products, mixed containers, batteries, printer toners and non-biomaterials, and more recently organics.
  • Electronic delivery methods for communications whenever possible.
  • 75% of our team use public transportation for work, meetings and tasks.
  • Using filtered water cooler station instead of bottled water.
  • Partnering with transportation companies who utilize bio-diesel fuels, electric, or hybrid vehicles in their fleet.

Our motivation in joining the Pledge for a Sustainable Community was the continued support of the community, as well as accountability to continue working towards our sustainability goals and always trying to better our systems and outcomes to lessen our company carbon footprint. Being able to see other company’s commitments to greening their business and steps they are implementing, is inspiration on new initiatives we can also incorporate moving forward. There will forever be challenges in being a “green company” – there is always more we can be doing, and things we can be doing better.

Having company buy-in from every single employee is important and will always be a challenge, and an every day task to ensure we’re all working together on the same outcome.

Greenscape was nominated for the City of Burnaby’s Environmental Awards, which was a great opportunity to see all of our endeavours compiled into one place and the positive impact we’re making. Our next steps moving forward is to continue yearly goal setting, pertaining to sustainability initiatives, and tracking with measurable stats how well we’re doing and what still needs improving.


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