Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Grand Villa Casino’s NEW Cooling Tower

The lDSC02429ong awaited building addition is finally here! Grand Villa Casino’s second cooling tower was delivered in the afternoon last Friday. The arrival came at the perfect time as the summer heat is just starting to ramp up! This unit will help keep the gaming floors cool and comfortable, which is great news for both our customers and our staff.


In addition, it will also redirect waste heat to service our domestic hot water – talk about efficient! This exciting project will help the casino reduce energy cost, consDSC02411 (2)umption, and carbon emissions. To be specific, Grand Villa Casino can expect to save over 1 .1 GWh of electricity and 3,600 GJ of natural gas in one year.


For more information, contact ReduceMyImpact@grandvillacasino.com


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