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False Creek Collision Eco Continues Its Sustainability Journey


Bernhard Rubbert, owner of False Creek Collision, a local auto body shop in Burnaby, says making the decision to move forward with an energy efficiency retrofit was a “no brainer”. The team at False Creek Collision are always looking for new technology and lean business ideas to improve their performance and reduce their carbon footprint. For Rubbert, the energy efficiency project he completed with Kambo took care of the low hanging fruit. “The technology is there and it’s reasonable in price – it’s an easy way to lower costs and make a difference”.

Overall, the energy efficiency project had a positive impact on False Creek Collision’s cash flow, reduced their energy consumption, and lowered their energy bills.

“Plus it’s a brighter light so you get a better product for a lower price, so why wouldn’t you do it”.

The Energy Efficiency Project

Changed lights throughout facility from T8s to LED tubes

Replaced incandescent bulbs with LED

Installed new awning and outdoor lights to improve light levels and safety

Installed a low-flow water aerator in the bathroom to conserve water and energy

Installed a programmable thermostat to improve comfort and reduce energy

Maintenance Savings
The LED lights Kambo installed have a longer life-span than the outdated lights that were removed, this means less calls to the electrician to change the lights which over time will translate to significant maintenance savings. “I don’t have to call the guy, it’s so much better this new system”, says Rubbert.

Cash flow positive from day one with green financing
Rubbert describes his rationale for financing; smaller businesses don’t have a lot of extra money and therefore need to look closely at their financial situation. But if you are willing to work with a financial lender, then you can use the project savings to finance the loan. That way you can enjoy lower energy consumption, better products AND better light levels.

The projected savings from the Kambo project will cover monthly payments on the green business loan Rubbert secured from Vancity, meaning the project has no negative impact on his business cash flow.

Aerators: saving water AND energy
Faucet aerators conserve water while maintaining water pressure and can also prevent splashing. The aerator Kambo installed on the bathroom faucet at False Creek Collision is projected to save up to 41L of water per day. This not only saves water, but also saves electricity that is needed to heat the water.

False Creek Collision: a green business leader
False Creek Collision is an environmentally-focused collision repair workshop located in Burnaby. The energy efficiency project implemented by Kambo is one part of a series of environmentally-friendly upgrades. Recently the shop’s aging compressor was replaced with a the new compressor that uses around one third less energy.

Rubbert’s previous experience working for a large chemical company inspired him to switch from a solvent paint system to a water-borne paint system in 2006. This eliminated 90% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically used in auto body paint spraying systems. Environment Canada introduced a new VOC regulation in 2010 that substantially reduces VOCs in paint systems – False Creek Collision was well ahead of the curve.

With the Kambo project not impacting his cash flow, Rubbert is already investigating his next projects. He is looking to switch to electric courtesy vehicles and is also weighing up installing solar panels on his roof.

With all these great improvements, it’s no surprise False Creek Collision were the recipients of the 2016 City of Burnaby environmental award in environmental Stewardship.

 Thanks to Kambo Green Solutions for this Success Story.

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