Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Earth Hour in Burnaby! #EarthHourBBY

Celebrating Earth Hour?

Here are a few ways the city of Burnaby is participating this Saturday (March 28th).

Riverway and Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse

Turning down the lights and turning up your tastebuds – Earth Hour is coming to the Riverway and Burnaby Mountain Clubhouses and we are now taking reservations!




Staying home?
Turn off Lights and Electronics and…
1 – Go for a walk
2 – Star gaze
3 – Play board game by candlelight
4 – Have a fondue or fire pit dinner
5 – Tell ghost stories
6 – Play scavenger hunt by flashlight
7 – Exercise or meditate in the dark
8 – Go to bed early
9 – Unplug other electronic devices
10 – Make a pledge for the planet

Did you know that…

Burnaby reduced electricity consumption by 1.9% during Earth Hour 2014, nearly doubling the provincial average of 1%.
The province reduced electrical consumption by 65 megawatt hours– this is equivalent to turning off over 7.2 million 9w LED bulbs.



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