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Create Memories, Not Garbage Holiday Tips and Quizz

Create Memories, Not Garbage Holiday Tips and Quizz

Take the holiday recycling quiz! Padded envelopes, cookie tins, ribbon, and holiday cards! Find out what can be recycled right here.


According to the B.C. Recycling Council, 545,000 tonnes of waste is generated in Canada from gift-wrapping and shopping bags each year. B.C. historically has been responsible for producing between 10 to 11 per cent of Canada’s waste.

Can you recycle wrapping paper?  A good way to tell if it can be recycled with regular mixed waste paper is to see if it tears like regular paper. Paper with foil or wire in it or that’s plastic based wouldn’t tear cleanly and wouldn’t be a paper recycling item. Read more.

Switch to LED Christmas lights next year, if you haven’t already, because they last seven times longer and use one-tenth of the energy.

Christmas lights are accepted for recycling under the province’s LightRecycle program. Visit lightrecycle.ca to find out where to drop off lights.

Unwanted electronics may be dropped off at Encorp Return-It and Bottle depots. Recycling these items properly reduces electronics waste in landfills by  over a 140,000 items every year.

Real Tree or Fake Tree DilemnaWhat does Recycling Council of BC recommend?

Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Recycling Information RIGHT HERE:)



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