Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools is a Burnaby-based not-for-profit that is committed to turning surplus computers into a valuable resource for public schools, libraries and not-for-profit organizations. Its commitment to environmental sustainability is in its DNA and actively employs the 3 R’s of sound environmental practice of Reduce, Reuse and  Recycle.

In 2011 it distributed 9,000 computers throughout BC providing the following environmental equivalents

  • Saved enough energy to power 3,300 houses for a year
  • Reduced 1435 passenger cars per year
  • Saved the weight of 1895 refrigerators in primary materials
  • Reduced the hazardous waste (including mercury) of 17,739 bricks

By transferring computers from business to schools or non profits, CFS doubles the life span of computers.  Reuse provides significant reductions in hazardous waste, packaging, water, and green house gas emissions.  The need to mine raw materials, engage in manufacture, and global transportation is also reduced.  75 percent of PC energy consumption has already happened before a new computer is ever switched on.  Ensuring that product is used for as long as possible in meaningful ways is benefiting our environment and education system through CFS.

Executive Director Mary Em Waddington says,“There is great environmental leadership from the top.” citing that the organization’s strong commitment to sustainability comes from having a supportive board with a strong vision for the pollution prevention hierarchy, waste management and GHG reductions.

Computers for Schools is an alumnus of the Climate Smart workshop, is located in building designed with LEED certification in mind, has implemented an onsite composting program and is focused this year on using corrugated recycled packaging instead of plastic bubble wrap to ship computers in addition to delivering a quality reuse program.


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