Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

City of Burnaby Seeking Input From Business on EV Recharging Stations

The City of Burnaby is seeking feedback from the business community on the installation of EV charging stations.

In 2018  the City adopted requirements for new *residential* developments, and, although home charging is a priority, many people won’t have access to home charging, especially if they live in apartments, so they will need to charge at work and/or around the community. Burnaby is also planning to install public EV charging at a number of City facilities later this year, and they are in the process of finalizing locations.

New Non-Residential Development – Proposed Approach

EV charging at the workplace and in public commercial areas can allow more people to make the switch to owning an EV, especially those who do not have access to charging at home. Burnaby’s proposed approach for non-residential new development would require a percentage of parking spaces to have energized outlets, and would facilitate installing more charging in future, including for commercial loading bays. Pending results of consultation, recommendations would be advanced to Council in Fall 2019.

Learn More

  • Policy Brief: An in-depth backgrounder and rationale for proposed approach
  • Stakeholder Survey: includes a summary of proposed approach and seeks feedback, open until August 8, 2019.

Other Policy Topics

The City is planning to install public EV charging at several City facilities later in 2019; locations are currently being finalized (read more here) and the use of electric vehicles in municipal fleets is being explored. Updates will be posted on this page when available.




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