Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge
Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

BCIT Factor Four Implementation Update


BCIT is hard at work implementing its Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability Policy (Policy 1010). This includes the implementation of its BCIT Factor Four initiative. Its goal is to see whether they can reduce energy and materials consumption by 75% (a factor of four) in seven buildings at the north end of BCIT’s Burnaby Campus while simultaneously contributing to both ecological and urban restoration of the area.

They have achieved 80% energy savings in two buildings to date and through a combination of smart energy retrofits, energy demand management, and supply chain strategies, they have achieved a 30% reduction in energy use overall since starting the project in 2009.

They have improved source separation of waste materials from education delivery in their carpentry and joinery programs, switched from oil to water based solvents and increased their purchase of Forest Stewardship Council certified products. Finally, they have increased the pedestrian environment along Smith Street at the north end of the Burnaby campus, and BCIT president Kathy Kinloch recently reaffirmed BCIT’s commitment to daylight the entire length of Guichon Creek that flows across the Burnaby campus.

Read BCIT’s Economic, Social and Environmental Policy here.


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