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Burnaby Board of Trade Pledge

A Few Everyday Ways to Reduce Waste

We all love our cup of Joe in the morning, however, all of those disposable cups add up quickly and can take a long time to decompose. Instead, try to remember to bring your own reusable mug to your favourite café (some places even give you a discount for doing this which means you will have more money for a second cup!).

Paper towels might seem like a fast fix, however, they are actually a HUGE problem! It takes 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water to make one ton of paper towels. Try using cloth dishtowels to mop up spills because even though you will have to use water to launder them, their footprint is much lower than that of their disposable counterparts.

Grocery shopping is hard enough as it is and when you factor in dealing with those flimsy white plastic bags breaking on your way home it would make anyone rely solely on take-out. Cloth shopping bags really do go a long way towards reducing waste as well as protecting our environment and the animals we share it with.

Although Waste Reduction Week in Canada has come to a close this year, these are great habits to continue all year!

Learn more tips from Recycling Council of British Columbia and watch all of their video tips here.



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